Corporate Gifts: How Much is Too Much?

We all want to share the Holiday Spirit, and promote our business at the same time. But how much is too much? For many small businesses the idea of searching for the right promotional products or corporate gifts is torture. Let’s be honest, most people searching for corporate gifts want to accomplish the following:

  1. Gratitude Thank you for your business. We appreciate you and look forward to working together in the New Year.

  2. Remember Me!We know your office will be flooded with “stuff” from many different companies, but I want you to remember me! Perhaps this gift will serve as a good reminder for you to call me in the New Year.

  3. Budget We have a budget for promotional products and we want to make sure that the items purchased accomplish our first two goals without breaking the bank.

What if I wanted to send my clients a nice car charger with a Holiday message and my logo that says “We’ve Got the Power”? Sounds like a great idea. I have 100 people who would love this gift. Let’s get startd.

With most promotional product companies, you request a quote for the car chargers. How much are they? $2.50. Ok sounds reasonable. It’s under the $5.00 norm for corporate gifts. You’re then told there is a $50 set up fee. Alright, only $3.00 per gift needed, I can live with that. But wait, there’s more, you have to order a minimum of 250 units.  So now you’re spending $750 for 250 car chargers. You only wanted 100 so not only are you spending over your $5.00 per gift limit, now you have to find a place to store the extra 150 car chargers you didn’t need.

It is for this reason, we launched Imagine That Promo. As a consultant with more than 15 years of marketing experience, I shared our client’s frustration with traditional promotional product companies. We asked the questions, why can’t we just order the product based upon our needs for a given event? Why do we have to pay all these ridiculous Set Up Fees and charges? We couldn’t think of a logical explanation so we created Imagine That Promo to supply our clients with great custom products with NO MINIMUMS and NO SET UP FEES. Imagine That!

In our research we found that most promotional products companies have a Minimum Order Quantity or MOQ. Their prices for an item might seem cheap until you read the fine print and learn that you have to order 500, 1,000, or even sometimes 5,000 units to get the custom item you want. At Imagine That Promo, we wanted our clients to be happy with their order and not feel like they were “stuck” with more product than they needed. We started with a simple philosophy, “Get what you want, pay for what you need”.

We also discovered a little trick that most promotional products companies used in order to entice orders. They post attractive per unit prices for items and then add Set Up Fees to make up the difference. These fees normally range from $50 to $250 per order. Imagine That Promo has no hidden fees. When you place an order for an item, you get the price quoted. The only additional fees are shipping and tax. We believe that’s the right way to conduct business.

If you don’t have Minimum Orders and Set Up Fees, then how do you make money? 

Up Front Pricing and Repeat business. We believe that when a client is given a choice of paying a little bit more per unit and getting exactly what they want versus being stuck with hundreds of products they don’t need, our clients will be willing to pay more per unit. If not, we’re happy to allow our clients to order additional product to get deeper discounts. Either way, we believe in giving our clients honest quotes with no hidden fees. Bottom line, we believe that when the customer gets what they want and they don’t feel “stuck” with promotional products they don’t need, they will order additional items for the next event.

At the end of the day, it’s hard to sell someone custom golf balls when they are still sitting on 200 custom golf towels from the last tournament. We believe when our clients feel good about their purchase they will buy more and tell their friends. Please share our story and tell your friends. For more information on Imagine That Promo visit


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