The New

When it comes to designing a new website, I only had two criteria. Make selecting custom promotional products and apparel easy; and demonstrate how our promotional products can be used to support the community. The new does just that! Selecting custom promotional products is super easy. Just click...

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A Tale of Two Pens

When is a pen just a pen, and when is a pen a marketing vehicle used for increased exposure for your business and sales. When you’re making the decision to buy any promotional products, specifically pens, you need to decide whether the pen is an advertisement to increase exposure...

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Customize Your Profits

Many companies look at customization as an expense. A choice between generic packaging and custom packaging with your logo. What if I told you that there is a way for you to turn your customization expense, into profits? First, aside from a few iconic brands like Coca Cola, Disney,...

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Marketing – Just Do It!

As a marketing professional for more than 15 years, I am often asked about different marketing campaigns. What are my thoughts, will it work, isn’t that commercial stupid etc.? Many people are quick to criticize others marketing efforts while sitting on their hands when it comes to marketing their...

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The Perfect Elevator Pitch

So you want to have “The Perfect Elevator Pitch”. Well, achieving the perfect elevator pitch is easier than you thought. First, forget what you’ve heard from everyone else, because it’s important that your elevator pitch is memorable. Therefore, copying other people’s pitches is not going to help you stand...

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Conventions 101

For companies that operate on a national or international scale, conventions and trade shows can be critical to their marketing mix. Such events help the company: Identify and connect with new business prospects that can be worked the rest of the year. Heighten visibility and ramp up their image with...

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