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When it comes to designing a new website, I only had two criteria. Make selecting custom promotional products and apparel easy; and demonstrate how our promotional products can be used to support the community. The new does just that!

Selecting custom promotional products is super easy. Just click on the “Search” button and enter a keyword in the “Quick Search” section and you’ll receive dozens of options. Not sure what you’re looking for, browse our categories. has everything you’re looking for, from Apparel to Watches.

Free Virtual Samples! Choose an item and click on “Create a Virtual Sample” and add your logo. Once you choose your item click on “Request Quote” or “Order”. still allows you to order products with NO MINIMUM order required and NO SET UP FEES! We understand our client’s frustration with traditional promotional products companies. We asked the questions, why can’t we just order the product based upon our needs for a given event? Why do we have to pay all these ridiculous Set Up Fees? We couldn’t think of a logical explanation so we created We have personally contacted the major suppliers and now have the ability to offer our clients great custom products with NO MINIMUMS and NO SET UP FEES. Imagine That!

In our research we found that most promotional products companies have a Minimum Order Quantity or MOQ. Their prices for an item might seem cheap until you read the fine print and learn that you have to order 500, 1,000, or even sometimes 5,000 units to get the custom item you want. At Imagine That Promo, we wanted our clients to be happy with their order and not feel like they were “stuck” with more product than they needed. We started with a simple philosophy, “Get what you want, pay for what you need”.

We also discovered a little trick that most promotional products companies used in order to entice orders. They post attractive per unit prices for items and then add Set Up Fees to make up the difference. These fees normally range from $50 to $250 per order. Imagine That Promo Has No Hidden Fees! When you place an order for an item, you get the price quoted. The only additional fees are shipping and tax. We believe that’s the right way to conduct business.

If you don’t have Minimum Orders and Set Up Fees, then how do you make money?

Up Front Pricing and Repeat business. We believe that when a client is given a choice of paying a little bit more per unit and getting exactly what they want versus being stuck with hundreds of products they don’t need, our clients will be willing to pay more per unit. If not, we’re happy to allow our clients to order additional product to get deeper discounts. Either way, we believe in giving our clients honest quotes with no hidden fees. Bottom line, we believe that when the customer gets what they want and they don’t feel “stuck” with promotional products they don’t need, they will order additional items for the next event.

At the end of the day, it’s hard to sell someone custom golf balls when they are still sitting on 200 custom golf towels from the last tournament. We believe when our clients feel good about their purchase they will buy more and tell their friends.

Finally, we always believed that promotional products are more than just “stuff” to be given away. The new demonstrates how promos can be used to bring your business closer to the community. From Little League to school and church fundraisers, Imagine That Promo is happy to support your efforts in the community. Please share our story and tell your friends. For more information on Imagine That Promo visit


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